I have a complete and utter crush on Tiffany Peterson.  She is A-MA-ZING!  She was the person who put on the Elevation event that I went to in September.  So inspirational and and helped me get out of the routine and really think about what I was doing in my head, my heart, my business and of course my life.

I was so drawn to her and her approach that I signed up for a 6 month intense Inner Circle program that include in person masterminding in Salt Lake City (just got back from #1 of 3!), group calls, Q&A and personal coaching.  Wow!  I see big shifts and changes in my future.

You can get a taste of this amazing woman this month.  Each November she hosts a free Gratitude Series and it starts tomorrow – November 6th.

Here is Tiffany’s brief synopsis of what the Gratitude Series is all about…

Tiffany PetersonHi, I’m Tiffany Peterson and I’m thrilled to invite you to go deep with true, lasting success principles this November with myself and my very special guest experts. When you study what creates lasting success, you will discover timeless principles – Gratitude and Generosity – foundational influences for creating a life, business, and income that you love!

I look forward to this series every year for you will feel great, perhaps shed a grateful tear or two, and get centered in creating ultimate success in your life! Join me as my special guest in this series – and share it with your friends! Together, we will all experience more of the good stuff in our lives – and in doing so, have more to share with others.

I’m signed up – who wants to join me?

Head to GratitudeSeries.com and join in the inspiration!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed