Art Licensing Info Staycation

Are you stuck at home for the rest of the summer? Worried you are also stuck in a creative rut? Never fear – the art licensing “Staycation” is here!

Use the last weeks of summer to jumpstart your understanding of art licensing and start taking ACTION!

This FREE, four week audio program by Tara Reed is available for a limited time so sign up today. The series is delivered each Monday morning of August – something GOOD to look forward to on a Monday!

During the four weeks you will learn:

  1. The basics of art licensing
  2. How to “package” your art to appeal to licensees (the manufacturers and retailers who license art)
  3. How your beliefs and mindsets can support or sabotage your success
  4. Tips to let the right people know that you have art for licensing

You will be brimming with new ideas, insights and most importantly – ACTIONS – that will help you step it up a notch!

Week 1: What does art licensing really mean anyway?
Week 2: How do I make my art as irresistible as flowers to a bee?
Week 3: What’s my mind got to do with all of this?
Week 4: How to get your art in front of the right people – likes on Facebook does not a business make –
you need deals and money!

You saw that it’s FREE right? But only for August so if you snooze, you lose!  Sign up below to get your first installment on Monday, August 4th!

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