If you recall, I did a video proclaiming 2010 to be my year of “flow” – that’s the verb I have chosen to guide me this year. I want to stop resisting and worrying and just go with the flow.  The creative flow, the flow of opportunity, the flow of health and happiness… all of it.

And WOW! So far so good!  We have some exciting things coming up – many of which I discovered or got a final “yes”  to this year.

  • AskAboutSEOforArtists.com – the Ask Call for February (on Wed. the 17th) came to me via email – “I have this new product and thought it might be of interest to your audience…” Absolutely!  What artist with a website doesn’t want to know how to make it work more efficiently for them?
  • Brand Yourself for Success in Art Licensing – teleseminar by Paul Brent (on Wed, Feb 24th) – we’ve been talking about this for months and now it will be happening!
  • Ask Mary Engelbreit – 13 months in the ‘wooing’ – Mary will be the Ask Call expert on Wed, March 17th – can’t wait!

And these are just the amazing things going on on the information side of my business – not the art side.  But do you see a trend in these events?  They are all opportunities that came from my taking the Teleseminar Secrets Class and learning to connect, teach and inspire by phone.

We’re getting to the part where I need good vibes now…

The cool thing about the Teleseminar Secrets Class is that once you are a student, you are always a student and you can listen in every year to learn the new content and brush up on some review.  I have 2 really cool things going on during the class again this year.

THE GOOD VIBE REQUEST: I entered the “Teleseminar Secrets Challenge” again this year (this time as a “Veteran” – if you read my blog last year you might recall I was a finalist for the “Newbie” category.)  Well I am a finalist again!  One of 6 Veterans who will give a 4 minute speech on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10th to the other students (usually about 500 people are on the line) and tell them why I believe I deserve to be the “Highest Vote Getter” among the 6 finalists.

For some reason I was REALLY NERVOUS during my speech last year – like, crazy didn’t-think-I’d-get-each-word-out nervous.  The level of it surprised me!  I fully intend not to repeat that feeling.  (The audio sounded fine but it didn’t feel good while I was talking.)

So I would love to know that I have you on my side and sending calming energy to me, OK? (Very new-age, I know!)  I have so enjoyed every Ask Call I’ve done or facilitated since my first call in December 2008 – and it’s thanks to the artists and support you give.  That was part of the challenge entry that got me into the finals…

I’ll let you know how it goes on Thursday, ok?

Another fun Teleseminar Secrets addition – I have been asked to be on the “Faculty” to teach about using Twitter to grow a business.  I was just tweeting away during class and posting to the Facebook fan page and suddenly heard my name and ended up on the live call… if you want to hear my basic thoughts and how this came about – you hear it all below…

[youtube gTj38xSgY3s nolink]

So remember, none of these amazing things would be happening if I wasn’t ASKING (for experts to become part of the ArtLicensingInfo.com family), TRYING (entering the challenge) or LISTENING (to new ideas like the SEO for Artists.).

You don’t know what is possible for you or your business unless you try.  So I encourage you to take a deep breath and GO FOR IT!  The worst that can happen is nothing… the best?  Who knows!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed