With show season quickly approaching, I see more and more artists talking about pulling all-nighters, getting 3 hours of sleep and how the nights are getting shorter and shorter.  I’m sure I will ruffle some feathers when I say this but here goes….

GO TO BED and let’s stop glorifying lack of sleep or life in exchange for work.

The other day I started feeling downright guilty that I was rested and had a good night’s sleep.  What was wrong with me? Don’t I care enough? Don’t I “want it” bad enough?  Why wasn’t I planning to burn the candle at both ends for the next month and roll myself onto the plane looking so tired they might charge extra for the bags under my eyes?

“There is plenty of time to sleep when you are dead.”  Right?  That’s how really committed people feel… right?

I would like to say this:  “Been there, had that melt down.”  

Yes, I had my days, weeks, maybe years where I thought working later than everyone else meant I was more committed and would get to where I wanted to go faster.  Days (weeks, years) where I felt guilty if I wasn’t working… if I was “being lazy” enjoying a walk or taking a nap.

You know what happened?  I got really tired.  I gained a lot of weight.  I considered quitting this whole thing on multiple occasions.  I was out of alignment and it was showing in every area of my life.

Taking care of yourself is SO IMPORTANT.  While every stereotype comes about for a reason, I don’t believe that the majority of artists do their best work when they are in pain or mentally ill.  I believe we can do our best work AND be happy, healthy and able to enjoy both work and non-work related things.

Look at the long game – don’t sacrifice your health and relationships so you, too, can brag about how many all-nighters you will pull before SURTEX…

Now this brings me to Work-Life Balance… that concept has always made me feel a little guilty because I never felt like I could achieve or maintain true balance.  Different times had life or work tipping the scales and then self-criticism steps in and starts telling me I’m not good enough because I’m out of balance.

Well… Tony Robbins changed all of that for me.  He introduced me to the concept of Work-Life INTEGRATION and I LOVE IT!  Watch this video to learn more…

[youtube KNuXerEjR78]

What do you think?  Will you think about how all of your priorities can be integrated in a healthy and sustainable way?  Will you go to bed at a reasonable hour?  I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed