It’s that time again… one year coming to an end and a new year about to begin.  The time when thoughts like “Next year is going to be different!” pop into the heads of adults across the globe… I know I’m having those thoughts, are you?

I’ve been busy organizing and streamlining my systems, trying to simply certain parts of my business and life and getting more proactive than ever with my time and calendar.  In fact, I’ve even opened up and started using my Goal Wheel for Artists system again.  (Novel idea, I know!)

Like so many things, we often have the best of intentions and somewhere along the way our follow through falls by the wayside.  That is what has happened with me and my goal wheel… I got busy and overwhelmed and somehow traded strategy and structure for a fire fighter hat.  I’ve been responding and reacting more than I’ve been thoughtfully creating the business, art and schedule that I really want.

Last week I got this email from an artist who recently discovered The Goal Wheel for Artists System:

I just wanted to tell you and your staff that I’m grateful I found your website.  The goal wheel is a very, very helpful tool as I try to pin down all the ideas and aspirations that flow through my distracted head. The on-going emails are not overwhelming, but come at just the right intervals to keep this thinking and planning on the front burner.

Thank you so much.  – Nancy

This email not only brightened my day but made me realize it was time to get back to basics and start implementing these strategies myself as well.

So… if you have been resistant to setting goals because you think it will be too structured for you to be creative, think again.  The Goal Wheel for Artists is a feel-good yet effective way to keep you on track.

You can learn more about the ebook and teleseminar replay at

[youtube lYLz-MdjeRQ]

Why not give yourself the tools to make 2014 your best year yet?

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed