I can’t, can’t, can’t believe it!

On December 17, 2009 I was shaking in my boots, hoping I wasn’t going to be the only person on the line.  I had gotten questions from artists but was less than confident they would take the time to call in… can you say “crisis of confidence”?  However, I had 32 artists call in to the first ever Art Licensing Info Ask Call and they have grown and evolved over the past 4 years.

Now we have anywhere from 80-120 artists on any given call – listening live to the experts in the industry who give of their time and expertise to answer questions submitted by artists about how the art licensing industry works.  Each new guest graciously agrees to leave their first call audio replay for free… subsequent calls are sold for a nominal fee to help compensate the experts and defray the costs involved in doing the calls.  To date there are 14 hours of fabulous and FREE information for artists to take advantage of.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Art Licensing Info Ask Call, all paid call replays are 35% off today thru 12/21/12 if you use the coupon code “ASK”.

Go to www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/audio-archives.html for details about what was covered on each call – this is the best discount ever offered so stock up on some learning you can listen to while you create!

The next call will be held on January 16, 2013 – with myself and Maria Brophy on the line.  Head to www.AskTaraReed.com to submit your question – don’t rely on others to come up with the content for these calls, without your input they won’t happen!

Thank you for support, encouragement and feedback on these calls.  They are great resources for information, motivation and encouragement – I always get off the phone renewed and energized! Hope you can join us in January…

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

Here are the links to free replays with artists and other experts … have you heard them all?