Well… it’s finally happened.  I’ve had enough and it’s time for a therapeutic rant.

While talking with my friend Brenda this morning, she made a comment that has stuck with me all day:  “Don’t survive, but prevail.”

Wow!  That’s powerful!   That’s from a position of weakness to a position of strength.  Let’s say it again and make sure you got it:

Don’t survive, but PREVAIL!

Yeah!  In the good ol’ American way and by the power vested in my by Quiet Riot, WE AIN’T GONNA TAKE IT… ANYMORE!  Sing with me:

oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

we’ve Got The Right To Choose And
there Ain’t No Way We’ll Lose It
this Is Our Life, This Is Our Song
we’ll Fight The Powers That Be Just
don’t Pick Our Destiny ’cause
you Don’t Know Us, You Don’t Belong

oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

oh You’re So Condescending
your Gall Is Never Ending
we Don’t Want Nothin’, Not A Thing From You
your Life Is Trite And Jaded
boring And Confiscated
if That’s Your Best, Your Best Won’t Do

So what am I not going to take anymore?  Here’s my list:

  1. Feeling out of control because of the financial mess in this country
  2. Putting up with the Orphan Works nonsense… I’m calling my Representatives!
  3. Not getting paid money that is due — no, sorry, not taking “too bad, we’re going out of business and your contract won’t be a priority — I’m sending demand letters.  Getting in line and fighting for what is mine.
  4. Believing the doom and gloom on the news — I make my reality and dang it, I’m going to make it good!  Like a big, hot brownies with fudge and whipped cream on top good — that good!

I’m armed with a paintbrush and I’m dangerous to the nay-sayers.

Forget Texas, don’t mess with Tara!

Join me in my revolt against chaos, negativity, getting stuck in the muck and mire, weighed down by the mass consciousness that all is lost.

I’m going to battle limiting beliefs! (with the help of Brenda – check her out here)

I’m going to remember that “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!”

Let’s start a creative revolution — the world needs art to make it smile, laugh and have hope — now more than ever.  Turn off your tv, tune into your passion and potential to spread joy.

Let’s start a ‘PREVAIL-UTION’!

~ Tara

P.S.  Images ©TaraReedDesignsInc — these ain’t no Orphans!  Contact me if you want to use them. 🙂