hope is on the way!  It will arrive on Tuesday, September 22nd at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST to be exact.

After 10 months of questions coming in like, “What should I do first to license my art?” and “How do I know if my art will work for licensing?” I finally got the hint.  Or lightening bolt of inspiration. My “a-ha moment”.  Something.  But I got it.

I will be doing a 45 minute call to give beginners the basics… what licensing is and how it works. It is interesting to hear how so many artists have “stumbled upon” licensing. Have you ever heard that about art show or galleries?  Nope.  Art Licensing is a little elusive sometimes.

The goal is for you to get off the phone polarized. You will think “Yes” or “Heck No!” I want you to say to yourself, “Oh that sounds interesting. I might like it and I want to learn more.”  or I want you to think, “Oh heck no!  That is so not for me.  Glad I figured that out in 45 minutes instead of 45 days or weeks!”  If you are still scratching your head and confused, I didn’t do my job.  (And I always do my job!)

Here’s a video with some basics.  CLICK HERE to get all the details.  I hope you decide to join me!  – Tara

[youtube 2jX1fLphIjU nolink]