So here’s the deal… I was having major trouble getting a new database set up on my web host. I wanted to add a new blog to go along with a new project. (  Frustration. Hair pulling.  Hours slipping through my fingers.

I decided that I would stop the insanity and just use a free site. Cool.  Got it all prettied up and organized.

Then I showed it to a friend who does a lot on the internet.  Here is what she said, “Move your blog away from – if you intend to make any $$$ they’ll pull it out from under you – happened to me.”

Well YIKES! I certainly don’t want to spend all this time and energy building a blog to have someone pull the plug on it one day! (It is probably in the fine print somewhere but I was unaware of that subtlety between and

So the lesson you can learn from my mistake and hours I will never get back is this:  before setting up a new blog, read the fine print.  Some things to consider when making the decision:

  1. Will the blog be purely informational or related to selling products or services?
  2. How much flexibility do you want and need as far as the design and options?
  3. How much do you want to learn?  (Don’t forget you can outsource getting things up and running …)

I love WordPress.  Most of my internet marketing friends and networking contacts prefer it to most other blog platforms.  But know which one to choose.

  • fast & easy setup
  • free
  • apparently only for non-profit creating blogs

  • self-hosted (you have to register and maintain a URL and get the nuts and bolts on your site)
  • more variety of themes, widgets, bells and whistles (mostly free when you are up and running)
  • the better option if income is part of your blog strategy

Now I know and you do too!  Here’s to your creative success and informed blog creation choices!

– Tara