I’ve talked about this before… back in June when they launched the ability to register a username and in September.  But I seem to be sending people to the September post a bit lately so I’ve decided it’s time to let it “float to the top” and repost it.

Facebook fan pages can be a great way to connect and build community.

Let’s face it, these days you have to offer your information in several ways and several formats so people can consume it how and where they want to.  That’s why I have a blog, a bi-monthly eNewsletter, a forum, a YouTube channel and yes… a Facebook fan page.

As my friends online create fan pages, I keep saying, “Now that you have 25 fans, have you registered a better url?”  Of course you can use a budurl, tinyurl or other url compression to make something easier to share, but wouldn’t it be better to have a cool “facebook.com/YOURNAME” url? (The answer is yes…)

SO… here is how you do it.  In chunks from past posts…

(excerpt from the June 23rd post…)

Last week Facebook made it easier for people to share their Facebook pages… assuming you grab your name!

Having the joy of sharing a name with an actress presents some issues for me… I can’t get www.TaraReed.com so I had to go with TaraReedDesigns.com. And forget getting my name on Twitter or Facebook either. So I’ve become “ArtistTaraReed” and am using that consistently across social media platforms. I’m now quite happy with it since it makes it quite obvious what I do!

Before the change, this is what people had to type in or link from to find me on Facebook:


(end of the June 23rd excerpt)

(here is the Sept 9th post in it’s entirety…)

Way back in June, which is like the 80’s in ‘internet time’, you could do this for yourself. That was all I had and all I really cared about at the time. (you know, back in the 80’s)

But NOW I’m getting on board with ‘fan pages’. Continuing my ‘separation of church and state’ (you might recall I now have a separate YouTube channel just for Art Licensing Info)

I decided to set up two: one for Art Licensing Info (this may replace the ning forum… or not replace it but I might HIGHLY recommend everyone go over there… more on that in another post) and one for fans of my art (Tara Reed Designs.)

But there is a catch to registering a username with Facebook – you have to have at least 25 fans before they let you do it.

So here is what you need to do, as best as I can remember.

Creating a “Fan Page” is just like creating your own page. But you create it for your business. (And you have to have a personal page to get a fan page – login information is the same.) Go to:


(don’t worry – they won’t ask you to open your wallet unless you want to do those little ads down the right hand side of Facebook when you are logged in.)

Click on the Green “Create a Page” button in the upper right. You might want to read through the ‘how-to’ as well. Maybe even bookmark it.

Set up the basics. The “Who”, “What” and “Why”. Make sure you become a fan of your page so it can be found.

Add a link on your personal page. I understand that business pages are a way of letting people know about your business without being your personal ‘friend’ on Facebook, but two things may be true. First, you may already have a cloudy line and have lots of business people as friends. Second, some of your friends (or their friends) may also be interested in your business. So I say, make sure there is somewhere for anyone on your personal page to know about your business page.

To do this, I added links in the “info” box below my photo and all the “contact”, “message”, and “poke” me links. Since your link will have both words and lots of numbers until you can register a better looking username, I put the long url in at http://www.tinyurl.com to create a shortcut.

Now go find some fans. At least 25 to be exact. That is the first magic number because then you can grab the special url.

I found that the ‘ethical bribe’ method got me to 25 fans in 6 hours. (If you missed it, sorry! Maybe next time.) I gave a discount coupon and artists came running. I advertised it on Facebook (of course) and Twitter (again, of course).

Once I had collected my fans and sent out my coupon codes, it was time to register the name. Go to:


If you already registered your personal name like I did back in June, the screen will look like mine above and say “Your user name has been set”. If not, that is where you can start.

But now that I had my 25 business and art fans, I clicked on the “Set a user name for your pages”. The drop down showed me the pages I owned and if I had the requisite 25, I could pick a name, say I was sure it was the name I wanted (you can’t change them later) and I was all set!

That’s it. Now I just need to add the parts and pieces I want to the pages. I’ve already linked the associated blogs. (I’ll blog about how to do that another day. One thing at a time.)

SO… if you are reading this blog, you just might be interested in becoming a fan here:


If you are a fan of my art and want to know what I’m up to on that side of things, I’m at:


I hope this helps! Here’s to your creative success and your successful navigation of pages and name registration on Facebook.

– Tara Reed