If you are reading this blog, more that likely you are an artist and understand creativity. Are you encouraging and applauding it in others? Your kids? Friends? Family? Kids on the street playing with sidewalk chalk?

I have a friend who is a therapist and says it takes, “One person, one time” to make a huge impact. If you think about it, I’m sure you will come up with some people from your life whose encouragement or praise stuck with you and had an impact on you following your dream. So be that one person for someone else whenever you can.

My son is quite creative.

A few years ago he was really into drawing “Manga”… I remember him saying to me, “Mom, it’s funny that I love drawing the two things you don’t: people and landscapes.” I smiled and thought there was probably a reason for that – what 11 year old wants to compete with their artist parent? (Been there, felt that!)

If you read my post about Putting your best face forward, you will see that he’s quite good with a camera. He could organize and frame photos better at 4 than his grandmother does now.

But his true passion has always been music. He has always loved to listen to music and would reach his hands above his head as a toddler to play the electric piano we had. Pots, pans, anything that made noise. Now that he is almost 16 he has graduated from cooking implements and plays the electric guitar. I have the pleasure (usually – sometimes it’s a bit heavy metal for me!) of listening to him play while I work.

My creative encouragement for today is to take the time to video tape and write about my son, of whom I am very proud!

I try to encourage everyone to see the creativity inside them and hope you do as well.

Indulge this proud mama and have a listen to my not-so-little boy…

[vimeo 5807036 nolink]

Kyle Cowper plays “Santeria” by Sublime from Tara Reed on Vimeo.

Here’s to following your passion…

– Tara