Ah my youth!  When there were 3 networks and 2 VHS channels.  When you had to get up and turn the dial to see what else was on… man am I making myself feel old!

If you were like me, Tuesday night found you and your family sitting down to watch Happy Days at 8 followed by Laverne & Shirley at 9.  I wonder if people asked their friends “Are you a Laverne or Shirley?” like they would poll their friends to see which character they most resembled from Sex in the City?  I’ll have to ask my mom…

Anyway – my point today is that Laverne and Shirley had a CAN-DO attitude.  Sure they worked in the bottle plant during the day and had creepy yet sweet neighbors in Lenny & Squiggy, but they always had a dream.  They weren’t afraid to take chances and try new things… to “do it their way”.

So I invite you to jump in the time machine with me and snap your fingers to the opening song to this classic tv show.  Really listen to the words and make them your own.  Make all your dreams come true!

[youtube mRmKzxhMzwo]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed