This week I broke down and went back to the eye doctor.  I started wearing glasses to read and for the computer again last year – after a 6 year hiatus. (Yeah eyes!)  Recently, I found myself getting eye strain and headaches again… worse yet, having to stop working because my eyes hurt and not because I wanted to stop.

I came home with a new prescription and cute new glasses – I kiddingly tweeted that maybe I would see things differently, now that I have these new lenses.  This lead me to wonder if I needed to do that figuratively as well as literally.

Would looking at my art business through different lenses make a difference?

It’s a good idea to do a regular check on how you do things and what you believe on a regular basis – do it every 3,000 miles while you wait for an oil change.  Are your beliefs about the economy, your abilities, your business – giving you headaches and holding you back?  Watch this 2 minute video and see what you think…

[youtube DYpVLFx-bak]

I know that lots of artists that read this blog earn money with their art in other ways as well.  Here are a few blogs and resources for artists that I have found along the way, that aren’t licensing specific:

And another feel-good inspirational song to make you smile…

[youtube 0jsw_r0hILQ]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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