You’ve heard it before but I think this bears repeating – ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! The way you look at the world and filter experiences can make all the difference between a happy life and a life full of complaints.

My mom is famous for saying, “You better CHANGE your ATTITUDE! (At least in the minds of her children she is – who knows exactly how many times she actually uttered those words…)  I believe it was said with much attitude when we were trying to get away with teenager bad attitudes with her – let me tell you, that didn’t fly.

Sometimes she would pull out an attitude speech when we were focusing on the negative side of things or having a little “poor-me party for one”.  Of course when you are having such a poor-me party, sometimes the eternal optimist isn’t the most welcome guest but in the end, they are the best person to have around.

Over the weekend it really hit me that my mom truly does look at the positive side of things… no matter what. (This must be where I get my sunny disposition!)  She spent Sunday in the ER (she’s fine but can’t eat strawberries anymore — poor mom!).  My brother and I were talking to her on Monday to see how she was and doing the usual “I’m sorry that happened.  Spending the day in the ER must have been a bummer.”

My mom said, “Oh no!  It was a really nice facility.  We were taken care of right away.  I never got to have a CAT Scan before so that was really interesting.  Everyone was great!”  Her only complaint was that it was cold – apparently cool temps keep germs down and it is like an ice box so swine flu can’t sweep through the place.

Most people would have been upset, freaked out, unhappy or some other combination of negative emotions after what she went through.  Her big regret is that she can no longer fill her smoothies and salads with strawberries but she was still quite upbeat.  Go mom!

Are you wondering what my point is yet?

Yes, the economy could be better.  Yes, SURTEX and the Stationery Shows were smaller than last year.  Yes, Licensing Expo has moved to Las Vegas.  Yes, there is competition to license your art.

BUT… there were lots of great companies looking for art at SURTEX.  I’ll let you know about Licensing Expo  – I’m going to check it out on the 2nd.  There is always competition.

How are you going to choose to look at things? If you constantly worry and expect the worst, guess what, I believe that is what you will see.  Focus on good things, you will find them.

Focus on what you want to accomplish and keep plugging away… you can do it!  Consider this an attitude adjustment if you are in need.  Otherwise, a friendly reminder to check you mood compass every so often.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara

P.S.  If you want some help with the “focus” side of things (aka – setting goals) – check out the teleseminar I’m holding on June 9th – The Goal Wheel for Artists.