Friends.  Gotta have them. Most people have a variety of friends.

Your childhood friends who remind you that you used to have no fashion sense when you seem to be getting a little big for your britches.

Your work friends who share idle gossip at the water cooler, or in my case, on Twitter.

Your neighborhood friends who will lend you milk or get your groceries when you are snowed in…

You get the idea, you’ve got friends! Online friends, offline friends and some that are in between.  In your social life, feel free to hang out with anyone you want.

But when it comes to mixing friends and your business, I want you to take a cue from Goldilocks and get a bit particular…  (you remember Goldilocks, right?  Bears… this porridge is too hot… this porridge is too cold… are you with me?)

You will find you have a few friends who think you walk on water.  Everything you create is the most amazing thing they have ever seen!  You are spectacular!  How lucky you are to be you!  Call these friends when you have pangs of doubt, that is when they will do their best work — to build you up and keep you going.

You may have friends who never have anything good to say.  “Negative Nellie’s” I like to call them.  I hope you don’t have many, if any, because I’m really not sure what good they will do you.

Now to the friend who can really be of use when you are building your business:  the friend who pushes you to do more, they are the friends that will help propel you to greatness!

news-davepaintingguyWell, “Dave the Painting Guy” is one of those friends. ( He’s an “online friend” — met him on Twitter.  I think he has a relative who lives near me so one day I may meet him offline as well.  We “met” and he joined my newsletter.  Shortly thereafter, he emailed me and asked if I knew how ugly the format for my newsletter was.  (Not in those words, I’m paraphrasing.)  Why didn’t I do “XYZ” and make it look better.

Of course I knew it was ugly.  But it remained ugly for a few months for two reasons:

  1. The people who taught me about this whole internet marketing told me to keep it that way, and
  2. when I tried to figure out how to make it better, I would get distracted before figuring it out.

So Dave’s email made me make it a priority and better yet, he helped me figure it out!  Now THAT is a really good friend to have, not only do they kindly nudge you but they help too!

Dave left me alone for a few months and then today, I got another email.  Here is exactly what he wrote:

So I says to myself, when I opened the newsletter, “That header could use a drop shadow…”

He also very kindly included the new version of my newsletter header that he wants to see.  How great is that! (If you get my newsletter, you will see it next Wednesday.)

Thank you Dave, for always pushing me and helping me to improve! Thank you as well for making me think about the kinds of friends I have, the kind of people I hang out with, and how they can help or hinder my business.

I have many friends that fall into this helpful category that I consider myself truly blessed.  I hope you take a moment to think about your friends and decide if they are helping or hindering your efforts.

Here’s to great friends!

~ Tara

P.S.  Sign up for Dave’s newsletter and he’ll email you when he’s painting live online… it’s pretty cool to see!  Go to his site at: