Every other Tuesday morning, I hop on a Mastermind call with a group of entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. Social media experts, speakers, gym owners and more… we discuss what we are doing, what we are stuck with and help and inspire each other. One member of my group is Ted Rogers and what he does really intrigues me – I so want to figure out how to add this to my business and you might too!

What if you could stop selling your book? Most authors sell their books in single copies – or rely on their publisher to do it. You could stop selling your book if you sold huge quantities in a single sale. What if you could ask us a question about how to sell large quantities of your book then listen for the answer?

Ted and his partner, Vickie Mullins know the secrets of selling books by the thousands in a single sale.

As bestselling authors, they guide other authors and publishers through the Special Market Sales process. Through their company, Perfect Bound Marketing, they create Special Market Sales and strategic campaigns selling massive amounts of books yet allowing authors to retain higher margins of profit.

My friend Ted Rogers has had amazing success with selling his books and wants to share the secrets and insights that he uses. On November 3rd he and his partner Vickie Mullins will be grilled by publishing expert Terry Whalin’s where they’ll answer any and all questions during their live teleseminar on Mastering Massive Book Sales and I thought you might like to join them.

Here is the link to sign up and I encourage you to ask them a question. Also, when you sign up you’ll receive free of charge the 26 Steps and Secrets to Book Selling Success.

If you have a book or thinking about or in the process of writing your book… you need to join them on November 3rd at 8:00 PM Eastern. I’ll be on the call – will you?

Click this link to join us:
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Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed