The owner of Significant Journey, Inc. reached out to me in search of artists … I told her I knew a few!  Below is the information she’d like to share and you can decide if you want to follow up on the opportunity or not… I haven’t worked with them yet but wanted to pass the information along!  – Tara Reed

Significant Journey, Inc. is an online company that creates artisan inspired limited edition designer handbags. Our products are handcrafted using embroidery, appliqué or digital textile printing to convey stories relevant to life’s journey. Whether you are an artist, designer or professional handbag maker, Significant Journey wants to unite a community of professionals together to create designer handbags. We are looking for artists whose art communicates the journey of humanity.

How it works for Artists

Artists whose artwork is selected for production will receive a 10% royalty from the retail price. If they are interested in submitting their art they must first join the SJ Community and become a member. Then they can access the “Artist Submission Guidelines”.  There they will find the art specifications for each bag style, bag templates, artist agreement form and what needs to be submitted.
Artists have two options when submitting a surface design for a bag.

Sisterhood Designer

The artist’s artwork gets posted on our website for future bag. Everyone who joins the SJ Community will vote on a bag they like and would consider buying. When a bag receives 200 or more “yes” votes the bag goes into production.

Élan Designer

For those who don’t want to wait for the community to vote they can purchase a bag with their design at a custom-made price. The Élan designer pays for all the upfront cost in creating a new bag. This includes digitizing fees for embroidery or setup fee for prints, materials and the making of a single bag. The Élan Designer has a choice of whether this is a one-of-a-kind bag or is available for others to buy when they submit design. If they would like to make it available for others, Significant Journey reviews the art to determine if it meets their standards. If an agreement is made between the artist and Significant Journey the custom-made bag will be photographed and placed on Significant Journey website and the artist receives the custom-made bag. The Élan Designer bag takes 4-6 weeks to be custom made and delivered.

The goal of Significant Journey is to create a unique line of handbags that are not mass-produced but handcrafted using the high luxury quality materials. We want to allow many artists to participate and have an opportunity to have their art on designer handbags. All Significant Journey bags are handcrafted, signed and numbered by the artist whose art is on the bag and the craftsman who made the bag. We believe this will create a special connection to the buyer knowing they were a part of the design process and only 100 were made.

Everyone in the SJ Community decides which designs will go on a Significant Journey bag by voting for their favorite. People interested in becoming involved in the design process need to visit and join the Significant Journey community. Then members can share art, ideas and stories, to the community for future bag ideas. Members who voted for a design that they would be interested in buying receive first opportunity by email when the series starts production. Availability is on a first come first served basis. All Significant Journey bags are made to order and take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Threading Opportunity Throughout The World

Significant Journey started as a handbag company in 2006 with designs by Kathy Lengyel. Throughout her 30 yr. career as an illustrator, designer, art director and creative director, Kathy has worked independently and as an employee. She has seen the challenges that face many artists who want to do more with their art but are restricted by their resources and the complex web of getting their art on products. Kathy is just now making Significant Journey open to all artists who have dreams by giving them an opportunity to get exposure for their art. Kathy believes the community should be a part of the design process by allowing Artists an opportunity to share their art and giving customers the ability to express their desires for a handbag. This innovative production process will open up a small niche of top quality designer art bags that many people will benefit from. Besides providing opportunity for artists, Kathy wants to help women all over the world become self-sufficient by being able to start their own business. When women are empowered to succeed it affects the whole family. Significant Journey wants to help overcome poverty by donating a portion of the sale of each bag to organizations that provide microloans to women starting a business. Significant Journey’s mission will begin modestly and hopes to grow to make a significant difference in the lives of women all over the world and hopefully change the way products are bought and sold.

Artists can contact Kathy directly at if they have any questions or they can visit