An artist recently shared a story about a conversation she had with someone who used to work in the textile industry and doesn’t any longer.  She gave some advice and closed with, “As long as you don’t have any delusions about making a living at this, it’s just fun!”

Well… this artist WANTS to make a living with her art.

My response to her was that I would like the delusion that she doesn’t start hanging out with this person all the time… obviously it didn’t work for her so she’s projecting it onto others – probably thinking she is doing them a favor and protecting you from heartache.  But everyone needs to follow THEIR heart and intuition…

I had SO MANY PEOPLE tell me I couldn’t make a living as an artist and lots of fear coming at me from all directions – especially from my parents.  They were worried and lived in the belief system that you “had to have connections” – well… guess what?  I kept going and made it happen.

Was it easy? No.  Was it really fast? No.  Would I choose a different path if I could go back? NO.

I just got back from 5 days in Salt Lake City with Tiffany Peterson and she cracked me open more than a few times. (That means I was brought to tears on multiple occasions – surprised a few people but we all have little “emotional releases” from time to time right?)   

My take-away from the event, again, is that the more we stretch ourselves and strive for things outside the norm (and making money as an artist seems to be outside what people consider the norm) – the more we have to change OURSELVES.

Becoming more and more solid in our beliefs, centered in who we are, releasing the desire to have everyone understand who we are… this is tough work.  I face it over and over and keep doing the work.  This is why I am so big on self-care in my Art Licensing Academy classes – IT MATTERS.

If you choose to go work at a cash register somewhere, you can be very wishy-washy with your self-care, confidence and understanding of yourself.  There won’t be as many opinions, judgement and “advice” coming at you.

But we are all choosing a different path.  Choose the path that you want, do the work and keep your eye on the prize… let everyone else keep their fear out of your business.

Here’s to your creative success.

– Tara Reed

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