agent Kimberly Montgomery answers questions about art licensingI have an earlier deadline for questions than normal, Kimberly and I will both be at the Atlanta Gift Show so we really need your questions by this coming Monday – July 7, 2014 so we both have time to get ready for the call AND do what we need to on the marketing side of our businesses.

I thought it was time to have another agent from the art licensing industry on the line to answer questions.  Mark your calendar for July 16, 2014 (5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern and everything in between and around the globe).

So if you haven’t told us yet, what are your most burning questions for an art licensing agent?

How to get their attention? How it all works? Why they choose to represent who they do?  These are a few ideas but I don’t make up these questions – you do.  What do YOU want to know?

Please submit your questions at by Monday and we will talk to you on the 16th!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

About Agent Kimberly Montgomery:

As a longtime licensed artist herself, Montage Licensing owner Kimberly Montgomery has the experience to recognize top-notch art that’s ready for the commercial market, and the business savvy to negotiate profitable agreements between manufacturers and the artists with whom she works.

We are excited to have Kimberly join our list of experts on the Art Licensing Info Ask Call Series. Her dual background as an artist in the industry and now an agent will give listeners the opportunity to learn from someone who has seen and done it all – for over 25 years!

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Read her blog, A Day in the Life of an Art Licensing Agent at