Its that time of year again! The stores are doing their very best to entice us to shop with them by offering great deals on back-to-school supplies. It works too… I went to Target with my son and got a few 5 packs of 70 page spiral bound notebooks for 50¢ (yes! For 5 notebooks!), as well as 24 count Crayola crayons for 22¢… it’s crazy. This is definitely the time to stock up sinc these prices won’t be back until this time next year.

Let me tell you what I do — I really take advantage of these deals and for about $20-$30 — whatever you can afford, you can make a difference for kids in your area.

My friend works with a shelter for homeless families. THese families have challenges, as you can imagine. We were chatting one day and she told me something that blew me away.

A big problem many of the kids have is they don’t have a pencil. Can’t do homework without a pencil. A pencil. Can you imagine? So I stock up!

A lot of people think about giving to those in need at the holidays — when programs are in full swing to help kids get toys and games and little extras. But NOW is a great time to give them things they need to learn (paper, pencils, rulers, glue…) and things they need to be creative (paint, crayons, makers, construction paper…) Do it now and you will pay pennies on the dollar.

So I challenge you to head to one of these great sales, buy some extra supplies and find an organization that can get them to people in your area. They will be so appreciative and you will feel pretty good about yourself as well — I promise!

Have a creative and giving day!

~ Tara