So last week I got a few emails from the Library of Congress’ Copyright Office.  (They are very nice is helping you sort things out if you check the wrong box or something looks weird on their end.)

If you recall from the call with the Copyright Office (if you don’t, click here to get your free replay) I talked with them about WHO should be the claimant – myself personally as the artist or my business, since I am incorporated. (I’m not 100% sure if the rules are the same for an LLC but I expect they would be.)  He said that if the art was created and necessary for the business to do business, the business should be the claimant and own the copyright.

In a recent filing, I put myself as the author and my business as the claimant and I checked off that there was a transfer statement.  I thought that was the correct way to do it – apparently not.

Here is what they told me:

If an employee of the company made the work then the company should be the author and copyright claimant with no transfer statement.

So I guess as Tara Reed, an employee of Tara Reed Designs, Inc, I’m doing ‘work for hire’ so there doesn’t need to be a transfer statement.

Thought I’d pass on the info in case anyone else has been confused about that part of the registration process!

Here’s to your creative – and protected – success!

– Tara Reed