If you own a Mac and run a business, you have to look at this software.  I insist.

I have a great memory (ask anyone who wishes it weren’t quite as good!)  and for a while, I was able to keep track of clients, business potential, who I showed art to, etc.  Or I used a notebook and wrote things down, sticky note reminders, etc.  But as my business grew, it got harder.  I  felt like I was losing track of information and missing opportunities because my systems weren’t good enough.  Let’s not even talk about how many Mailbox folders I had created in MacMail – but then I had to manually move emails sent and received and sometimes it just didn’t happen.

This is another great Twitter find.  When I started searching for an integrated program to keep me on track that would grow with my business, I used Google to search and Twitter to see what others were using.  A few suggested Daylite.

Then @mbookspan, a certified Daylite consultant, tweeted me, offering to chat and see if Daylite would be what I needed.  Well we decided it would work and I made a great decision: I bought the software from Matthew and hired him for a 2 hour “boot camp” of sorts.  We talked through the computer, he took control of my mouse from 2 states away and got me all set up!  I told him what I wanted to do, he showed me how.  Talk about shortening your learning curve!   With no compensation for this glowing recommendation, I would recommend anyone considering this software talk to Matthew.

His website: www.mbookspan.com
or find him on Twitter: @mbookspan

Here’s a little video demo of what it is and why I like it…

[youtube NLDd2Cdf0YI nolink]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara

disclosure: I have no affiliation with Matthew Bookspan or Daylite software other than purchasing their products and services and being thankful I did each and every day!