I decided it would defeat the purpose of securing my sites and passwords if I did my own demo of this amazing software… (ok, so maybe my whole family is coming for an early Christmas and I am running out of time to blog, let alone create a video!)

1Password from Agile Solutions has changed my life and my sense of security. I used to use 3-4 passwords across dozens of websites… not so good.  And if anyone broke into my house and found the notebook with the lists of sites, user names and passwords, well, it would be all over but the crying!

Not anymore!  I couldn’t remember my passwords if I tried.  They mean nothing, they look like complete gobbledy-gook.  And I couldn’t be more pleased!

Here’s a video introducing you to the program. They just released version 3 that allows Mac users to have read-only access to their info on a PC too… but it isn’t a PC only application. (Sorry PC owners, you are missing out!  Hopefully there is something equally as easy and cool for you too!)  They have an app that sync’s your 1Password to your iPhone too, so you won’t be lost without access while on the go.

This is one of my favorite finds of 2009!  Maybe it will be yours too!

– Tara

disclosure: I have no relationship with this company and am not compensated if you choose to buy it.  I just love it and want you all to be more secure online too.

[youtube oaCHlMF5Vwc nolink]