By means of our website, we offer honest information about how art licensing works in order to help artists take action to build their creative businesses.  We do this through a series of eBooks, Online Classes and Audio downloads; hoping to cover everyone’s needs.


However, we know that some people learn best via one-on-one hands on training.  As such, we offer a variety of ways and opportunities to get direct feedback from us.  Perhaps you want advice on your portfolio and collections . . . or maybe you are in need of more advanced consultation to take your business to the next level.


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In today’s ever changing information and technology filled environment, ensuring the “message” you want shared with your fans and potential licensees is of utmost importance.  Having and maintaining both a strong website and social media presence can mean the difference between mediocre business and great success.  And, as is with most things, we are never good at critiquing and evaluating ourselves or our work.  Reaching out to knowledgeable and skilled individuals who can honestly evaluate and audit what you are creating in terms of a brand message can be a lifesaver. 

To meet this demand, utilizing our collective 25+ years of business, marketing, and licensing expertise, we have created the Art Licensing Info “Social Media Audit” to help better define your brand message and platform.  Each audit consists of a written review covering all of your existing website and social media platforms.  We will be looking for brand impact and consistency across all platforms, engagement with your audience, authenticity, relatability and relevancy of your brand message via these platforms, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will be giving you a custom pointer/suggestion or two geared to improve your marketing footprint!

In order to do the audit, we require only that you supply us with the links to your website, and all of your current social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, etc).  We will then review and submit back to you our detailed report within 5 – 7 days.  You get an individualized review and honest feedback, as well as suggestions for improvement, on each of your platforms.

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For only $200 you will get the collective expertise of 25+ years of business and marketing experience geared towards the analysis of your current website and social media platforms as they relate to the world of art licensing!  Click below to purchase your Social Media Audit today!

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ALI - Portfolio Review imagePORTFOLIO REVIEW

In order to effectively establish an ongoing relationship with a manufacturer, your portfolio needs to be showcased in a way that provides easy access, easy search and ease of use to show them you are serious about the endeavor and that you will be a good “partner” in the relationship.  The structure of a good portfolio includes collections comprised of central images and repeat patterns, as well as a means of identifying images for use.  Too often artists offer poorly conceived and developed portfolios that indicate to a manufacturer that the relationship will be difficult from the onset.

The ArtLicensingInfo PORTFOLIO REVIEW will give you a clear sense of how a manufacturer will view your work, as well as detailed conversation on what will need to be accomplished to get the work in a professionally developed presentation.  Our collective 35 years in the licensing industry, serving on all sides of the table – Artist, Agent, Manufacturer and Creative Director – gives us the keen insight needed to help transform your works into a successful offering.

When you sign up for a review, you will be asked to forward your entire portfolio to us for assessment – usually consisting of 5 – 7 days.  You will then be asked to participate in a one-hour video call to review our findings and to address any questions you might have.  One-to-one direct and honest feedback!

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For only $200 you can get expert advice on your collection of art and its ability to be a step in your successful art licensing business.  Secure your time and schedule an appointment today!

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Do you have a current business that has become stagnant, or do you need to take your existing business to the next level?

Have you developed a relationship with some manufacturers and are at the stage of doing the deal, but need assistance in negotiating your contracts?

I can offer an in-depth business advisement engagement where we work with you on a detailed and specific basis to address your issues and needs.  With my 25+ years of art licensing and business experience, I can examine your business on a holistic basis, identify areas of strength and improvement, and help you build the “tools” and strategies for success.

This service is for . . . Artists, Illustrators and Photographers
who . . .

  • Have an existing and ongoing business.
  • Want direct and personal feedback and coaching.
  • Are willing to devote the time and energy necessary to institute plans and strategies.

What this service will provide for you . . .

Each person has an individual or business need specific to them, and we approach each engagement with that mindset.  Our expertise can include, but not limited to, any or all of the following . . .

  • Development of a Brand Statement and brand direction
  • Overall business strategy
  • Creative and personal assessment
  • Direction on the creation of Brand Decks and Brand Licensing Guides
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Licensing Strategies
  • Marketing

Want To Learn More?

If you are interested in speaking with Melissa about this level of personalized advisement and coaching, please feel free to send me an email at