A few weeks ago I began posting the Art Licensing Story videos that I filmed at SURTEX. As I always do, I post the links to Facebook and Twitter. One of my Twitter friends is deaf and said it would be nice if the videos had closed captioning or a transcript, as she and others would like to know the stories as well.

That intrigued me to do some research. I am very proud to say that I did not buy any software to learn to do it myself! I’m really trying to simplify my life and outsource more – so I continue to have time to create my art.

I found someone online whose business is creating closed captioning. The first video we did was Viv’s. He created the closed caption file and I added it to YouTube. It was super easy – here’s a video that will walk you through the steps.

[youtube dbMednWRg_I]

During my research and talking to my friend Marty Fahncke whose son is also deaf, I learned that not only is adding closed captioning a great service to those who need it, but it also has the added benefit of helping with your SEO.

By adding closed captioning, Google and other search engine robots can read the content of your video and it will help you get higher rankings for keywords. Added bonus!

While I haven’t paid to have closed captioning on all of my 74 videos yet, 27 of them now have it. All of the art licensing story videos that I filmed and uploaded to the Art Licensing Info YouTube channel are closed captioned, as well as a few others. Over time, I’ll be adding it to the rest, but I want to spread the expense out over time.

Do you want to add closed captioning to your videos, to help those who can’t hear the audio and to possibly increase your SEO?

Well it’s easy and not very expensive – a small one-time cost will have multiple benefits!

Alan Kelly of VerbatimIT.com has done a great job with my closed caption projects and can help you too. He’s running a special for the summer – it costs only $5 for a 1 to 3 minute audio or video. Who can’t afford $5?

  • You simply send him your audio or video file and he will create the closed caption file.
  • Then you can add it to your video (it’s really easy if your video is on YouTube) or you can hire him to do that part for you as well. You two can discuss those details if that is your preference.
  • Go to www.VerbatimIT.com to get started today! I’d love to see all the Art Licensing Stories with closed captioning… 🙂

Here’s to learning new technology, making your video accessible to more people and of course, your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  I don’t earn anything if you use Alan but think he’s done a great job helping me so I wanted to let everyone know about his services!

P.P.S.  Want to try it yourself?  Go to http://captiontube.appspot.com/ and test your transcription skills!

P.P.S.S.  Want to learn more ways to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?  If you haven’t already, head to www.AskAboutSEOforArtists.com and get the free hour-long interview with Daniel Tardent – author of the eBook SEO for Artists.*