I’ve been struggling with how to keep you posted, quickly & easily, about what is coming up. Of course there is the blog but it changes a few times a week.  Ditto Facebook.

The logical choice seemed to be the website, but how?

One day this week when I wasn’t artistically inspired I think I came up with a plan.  The home page at www.ArtLicensingInfo.com now has a bulletin board!  This will have time-sensitive, upcoming or new events and products listed.  It will help you keep track of who is doing the monthly Ask Call and where to sign up for details.  (I’ll also work on a master “Ask Call” email list to cut down on the confusion we had in December.)

So… this doesn’t need to be a long drawn out post.  It’s just an “FYI” – if you want to see if what is coming, go to the main website and check the board. K?  Hope this helps!

– Tara