I ran across an interesting new site the other day – MyArtMatch.com.  This is how they describe the site:

MyArtMatch is an innovative new art matching and art exploration service that makes it easy to discover art; compare tastes;collect and share favorites; and purchase gallery artwork at discounted prices.

It’s a pretty interesting twist to an online art print retailer.  You can go and take a “quiz” of sorts – selecting the art you like from a group of images.

© Paul Brent

In fact, Paul Brent posted on Facebook yesterday, that he was rated #52 in the top 200 most popular artists! Other artsts on the list included #1 Claude Monet, #4 Vincent Van Gogh, #13 Leonardo Da Vinci, #24 Walt Disney, #45 Michelangelo, #53 John James Audoubon, #78 Rembrandt, #161 Jasper Johns. On the list of living artists I was #18. His #1 print was Green Cityscape.

You “sign up” so you can share your favorites with others.  They have a blog. It’s brand new – the site just launched on September 29, 2011.

It’s an interesting concept and I for one am curious to see how it evolves.  Will they sell more prints in the long-run because they are connecting with consumers in a new and unique way?  Time will tell… and if Paul learns more about how it’s working for him on the print sales side, hopefully he’ll tell too!

At this point, it doesn’t look like individual artists can submit work to be included on the site – I imagine they are working with traditional print publishers for their art selection.  If you see that change, please let me know so I can “share it with the group”.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed