I’m all about ‘sharing wheels’ instead of recreating them sometimes – you can get more done that way! Below is an excerpt from Kate Harper’s blog about branding… it’s worth reading the whole entry so I encourage you to click on the ‘read more’ at the end. (and it’s here with permission from Kate of course – always get permission to reprint!)


Branding Art: from Surf Boards to Greeting Cards

What do surf boards and greeting cards have in common? Everything.Brophys+with+Sunrise+ESCAPE+Camper+Van+1

When I first read the story of Maria and Drew’s surfboard design business, Son of the Sea, Inc, I felt like I was reading about my own life: years in manufacturing, working day and night and then finally stumbling upon licensing and a whole new career. There is nothing in their story than cannot also apply to the card and gift industry.

Son of the Sea is a family owned business run by Drew Brophy and his wife, Maria and they have 30 active licensees including everything from beach towels, boogie boards, pen kits, sunscreen to greeting cards!

Drew creates the art while Maria handles licensing, marketing, and runs the operation. They have a wealth of information for artists on their website Business of Art tips.

Maria and Drew made a great success out of branding their designs and I wanted to ask them more about that.

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Don’t be fooled by Kate’s blog title of “Greeting Card Designer Blog” – she talks about a lot more than the greeting card industry so I encourage you to take a look at what she’s got to say!

– Tara