I’m a contributor to the Art Marketing Association – an international organization dedicated to assisting artists, artisans, craftspeople, photographers and galleries to improve their marketing skills and to hone their efforts to become more profitable, thus helping to share their message with the world.  I contribute to the art licensing piece and enjoy learning about other aspects of art and the business of art.

Last week in the Art Marketing Association eNewsletter, there was a post I thought would be very relevant here – it was called, BOX IT BABY! and here it is…

Think about all the mail and packages you receive in the mail daily or weekly. What really gets your attention enough that you just HAVE to open it?

I’ll tell you what it is for me. It’s a box. I might throw out some larger envelopes or possibly even a padded envelope if I don’t recognize the sender.

But what I will NOT throw out is a box. Anything that’s in box I will open. It’s just too damn intriguing. Is it a gift? is it a prize? Is it some kind of speciality item?

It really get’s my mind going. And that’s part of it’s charm. Sure it costs more to send something in a box but the reality is 97% of the time it will get opened. I think that’s a pretty good tradeoff.

As just one idea, if you want to reach a certain celebrity client or some other VIP send them a sample of your art but send it in a box. Chances are it will get opened.

As an added bonus, have fun designing your box. Give it a bit of personality. Draw on it, write on it, color it, make it fun and distinct.

Sending something in box will really make it stand out in today’s cluttered world. It’s smart marketing so try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Doug Farrick
President, Art Marketing Association

Is there a specific manufacturer that you really, really, REALLY want to work with?  Having trouble getting their attention?  Maybe if you create a custom marketing package just for them and mail it, in a box, it might be the thing that gets their attention.

Or maybe you want to tell your current clients just how much you value their business.  Maybe you want to box up a little treat and send it their way – make them feel appreciated. (I just thought of that as I typed and believe I may be adding it to my to-do list!)

How can you do things a little different? Make your art stand out?  Maybe it’s time to think INSIDE THE BOX…

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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