I got a direct message on Twitter about a week ago that asked this question:

What serves a better purpose in your opinion, a blog that show one’s work, or one that shows an artist’s journey to success?

Great question!  And if your main focus is licensing, or if you have several interests and focuses as an artist – it can be a little tricky.  So I thought I’d throw some pros and cons out there and hope that you leave your 2¢ in the comments.  Deal?

This blog that you are reading now – pretty easy. The focus is to talk about the business of art licensing so artists can learn more about the industry.  It is meant to educate, inspire, share… and if I do say so myself, it is doing a pretty good job! (Others say it too – not just me! 😉 )

As for my personal art blog – I have a harder time. I share a lot of information and photos of products that feature my art.  I share some of my travels – mostly business related.  And I share some things about me personally – so people can get to know me.  The problem I have with that blog (www.TaraReedDesigns.com/blog.html) is that I’m not sure who the audience is or who I really want it to be.  Hard to blog well if you aren’t clear about that!

Do manufacturers who license art read the blog? I have no idea.

Do artists who read this blog read that one? Some.

Do consumers who like my art check in? Yes.

Do I know the mix of visitors? Nope.

In my opinion, which is what I was asked, blogs serve several purposes:

  1. They are an easy way to offer new information on a regular basis.  It is much easier to write a blog post than change the text of web pages, not to mention, people expect to find new information on blogs and not to have sweeping changes on the more static pages of a website.
  2. Blogs help with SEO.  New information brings more hits which should help with SEO.
  3. Blogs help your reader get to know you.  And as we’ve discussed before, people like to buy (products) or license (art) from people they know, like and trust.  Blogs help people get to know, like and trust you.

I’m so glad I was asked this question and I’m still looking at my art blog strategy and trying to decide if it is working as-is or if something should change to make it better.  I really hope the insights, opinions and strategies of artists who read this blog will help.

So those are my thoughts – what are yours?

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed