When I was at the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion event, there were discussions about blogging. How much does your audience want to hear? Can you overwhelm people with too many blog posts?

When it comes to blog posts, can there be too much?

I decided the best way to answer that question for myself was to ask you, my blog readers.

I often blog 3 times a week but sometimes up to 5 – especially when I get new Art Licensing Story videos, keep them coming!  Is that too much?

Would you prefer a set schedule?  I know people who post blogs on the same day and same time each week – does that appeal to you?

Or are we doing just fine as is?

Please take this quick poll and let me know how you feel about it –

[polldaddy poll=2940190]

Thank you – I’ll let you know if I decide to change anything based on the results.

– Tara Reed