Beginner Basics Teleseminar

Are you new to art licensing?

Do you want to learn what art licensing is all about?

Do you wonder if your art would be a fit for licensing, and if you would like the work involved in licensing your art?

You have come to the right place!!  For a $20 and 45 minute investment, you can learn if art licensing is worth investigating, or if it won’t be a fit for your goals or your art.  What have you got to lose?

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Let’s face it . . . there are so many ways to make money with art  . . . a little money or a lot. 

Art licensing is just one way to create an income stream from you art.  And like everything else in life, there are good and bad sides to the business.

This audio, created and presented by acclaimed artist Tara Reed, is ideal for artists who have heard of licensing, but don’t really understand the full picture.  They sort of, kind of, maybe get the gist of it, but not really.  This audio is for you if you hear the words “art licensing,” and start asking yourself questions like these . . .

  • How do I do it?
  • Will my art work for licensing?
  • How long does it take to make money from licensing my art?
  • What do I have to do, and what skills do I need?
  • Can I do it myself, or do I need an agent?

This is the place to start your investigation! 

From this audio you will learn the things you need to help you decide if licensing your art is even something that may interest you.

Are you ready?

For only $20 you will gain access to the 45 minute mp3 replay that is jam-packed with the information you need to know to determine of licensing may be an avenue for you.  This audio teleseminer can be yours immediately – simply download and enjoy on your computer, iPad, iPhone . . . or however you listen to mp3 audios!

(After you make your purchase and get through the payment process, you will receive an email with links to download the mp3 replay and the pdf “Action Guide” to take notes as you listen!)

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Here is what is covered in the teleseminar. . .

  • Art Licensing – Defined
  • Six Mindsets For Success In Licensing
  • The Cash Flow Cycle Of Licensing
  • How To Think About and Create Art For Licensing
  • What Needs to Be Done To Get The Word Out

This is an overview to help you get a feel for the industry, and decide if it is right for you.  There is not enough time to cover every aspect of art licensing in 45 minutes, but you will have a good feel for the industry to help make your future decisions.  This audio is like trying on a new pair of shoes at the shoe store . . . you walk around in a few circles, and say to yourself, “Yeah, I like them!” or “Oh Heavens!  This is not a good fit!”

For a more detailed presentation of the art licensing industry, you may want to consider these options:

I think that was the best $20 I have ever spent!  It was so well organized and informative!  You answered questions that I didn’t even realize that I had yet.  Your printout was especially helpful and ingenious.  I cannot thank you enough for such a thorough job in regard to art licensing.  Thank you so much.

Suzanne Baber

You provided excellent information and I made good use of the printed material provided.  I took lots of notes!  Your seminar was very well organized and clearly presented.  It was a pleasure to learn about art licensing this way.

Debbie Lapointe

I just listened to your “Beginner Basics Teleseminar” – it was FANTASTIC!  It was like you read my mind and addressed every one of my questions and concerns, item by item.  You’re both impartial and honest, and tell it like it is – the good, the bad and (occasionally) the ugly!  The best thing is that your Teleseminar is the only source I’ve come across that told me EXACTLY how to get started, not in generalities, but in specifics – how much art I need in advance, how to format it to appeal to manufacturers, how to locate and approach them, exactly what to say when I do.  All my biggest questions (and biggest stumbling blocks – now I have no more excuses!).  By the end, I had enough information to make an INFORMED decision about whether or not licensing is the right path for me and my art.  I want to thank you not only for making this audio, but for all the other information you share on your website and blog – the eBooks, teleseminars, newsletters, coaching and more.  Not only great resources, but a continuing source of inspiration and motivation!



Download “Beginner Basics Teleseminar” NOW for only $20!

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