Today I was working and emailed Craig something I had finished.  (Craig is my boyfriend / significant other – whatever you are supposed to call that all-important person who you aren’t married to in your 40’s…) Anyway, I digress…

He replied that he of course liked what I had done (why be with someone who doesn’t like your art?) and sent me the following message:

“I think you need a break.  Take 6 minutes and at least check this out.  I think it will amuse you.”

Well it did and I wanted to share it with you as well.  Taking breaks during your day to just sit back and smile, laugh or zone out is important!  I hope this makes you smile as well!

[youtube dMH0bHeiRNg nolink]

I think the only 2 I haven’t danced to were the jig at 4 minutes 50 seconds and the “Shoulder to Shoulder” at the end… perhaps my age is showing!

Here’s to your creative success and miles of smiles along the way!

– Tara