ArtLicensingInfo is dedicated to supplying information and details about the world of art licensing in formats that meet the needs of our customers, and make your learning curve so much shorter.  For some, having a written document that can be referred to over and over again is perfect (our eBook series).  For others, participating in an online class is more conducive with their ability to gain knowledge.  And for some, actually hearing from the experts in the field of art licensing is just the right format.  What is great about ArtLicensingInfo is that you have a variety of choices – try one or try them all!

We offer a variety of audio tools in downloadable formats so that you can listen to the experts share, in their own words, their advice for success in their areas of expertise . . .

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Audio replay sharing a broad view of the art licensing world, including your six mindsets for success, cash flow cycle, how to create art for licensing, and marketing your product – presented by artist Tara Reed.

45 minute audio download in mp3 format

Only $20  (immediate download)

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In-depth interview with one of the most successful artists in the licensing industry, covering a step-by-step method for analyzing and establishing your brand, how to keep it up-to-date, key strategies for branding and how to commit to your brand – presented by artist Paul Brent.

60 minute audio download in mp3 format.

Only $57  (immediate download)

To Learn More About The Brand Yourself For Success In Art Licensing Teleseminar...

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Why not learn from some of the best in the industry . . .  from their successes and failures, high points and lows, tips and lessons?  We are happy to provide our INDUSTRY ICON INTERVIEWS – where artist’s questions and industry expert’s answers collide for a wealth of knowledge and lots of fun!

Our INDUSTRY ICON INTERVIEWS are prerecorded teleseminars and conversations with industry experts interviewed by Melissa and John of ArtLicensingInfo, answering questions posed by the audience . . . YOU!  We seek out the most interesting industry experts that cover a gamut of roles and responsibilities – from manufacturers to designers, retailers to agents, attorneys to artists – and have them answer those questions that intrigue you the most.

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