With SURTEX starting on Sunday, there are lots of emotions swirling around in my studio and based on what I see on Facebook, I am not alone!  Exhibiting at trade shows is exciting, stressful, expensive, a lot of work and can often trigger some really big crisises of confidence!

Questions like “Am I good enough? Will I measure up? Am I crazy to even try? Will this all be worth it?” are not just for the new exhibitors.  They go through my head at some point each year.  The key to success, in my opinion, is to nip these thoughts in the bud!  At this point, there isn’t much time to get more work done, make more appointments or re-design your booth.

Now is the time to get  your mental game in order…

  • KNOW that you are bringing your unique vision and creativity to the show. 
  • KNOW that you will meet the people you are meant to meet.
  • KNOW that all will be well.

I highly recommend you prepare some mantras, bring some quotes that inspire you or have a theme song to play in your head when the self-doubt tries to creep in… I have found these to be great tools to help me stay focused and have a winning attitude at the show. (And when I don’t, my sister is always there to give me an attitude adjustment chat – feel free to come on by if you need one too!  She’s very skilled! 🙂  )

Here is the theme song I’ve chosen for the year – Hall of Fame by The Script.  Turn up the volume, get excited and HAVE A GREAT SHOW!

[youtube mk48xRzuNvA]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed