asktarareed-phonegraphicI am SO EXCITED I can barely stand it! I just have to share and ask for your good thoughts on Wednesday, February 11th between 6 & 7 pm, PST.

If you have listened to any of my calls, you may remember me talking about the class I am taking, Teleseminar Secrets with Alex Mandossian, where I am learning all about teaching by phone.  It is a great way to reach more people with either of us having to get on airplanes, stay in hotels, etc.  We can sit in our pj’s and chat. Fabulous!

Well, one of the ways Alex encourages his students to dive in and give his ideas a shot, is by holding a “Challenge”.  There aren’t winners or losers, but highest vote getters.  If you had some sort of Teleseminar between December 15th and January 28th, you could submit an essay explaining what skills you implemented and why you feel worthy of becoming, as I like to say, “Queen or King Vote Getter”.

Of course I dove right in and my first call was on December 17th.  I then wrote my essay about how great you all responded to the concept, how I was committed to doing this every month in 2009, etc.

Well I bet you can guess what happened next… YUP! Monday morning I got a call from Alex telling me I was one of 6 finalists in the “Newbie” category.

On Wednesday night, between 6 & 7, I will have 4 minutes to “plead my case” to all the Teleseminar Students who are listening as to why I feel I am a worthy newbie.  I’ll be talking about you all of course!  (And hoping that you are sending good vibes my way!)

My “Sally Field” moment is that I am SO HONORED to have been chosen as a finalist… my goal is to be happy with the job I do in my 4 minutes.  Whatever happens after that is cool.  (I’ll let you know.)

My mom always told me that if I didn’t at least try something, I’d never succeed.  And although I’ve tried many things and not gotten the results I wanted, I keep on trying.  Because how would great adventures like this happen without trying?

So head out and try something new today.  Do it for me.  I want you to be as excited as I am right now.  And don’t forget — send good vibes my way on Wednesday!


P.S.  The next call is in 2 weeks on Wednesday, February 25th.  Go ask me questions!  Even if you’ve asked before, give me some more!  (I need more than the question from my boyfriend asking if I still love him although I laughed pretty hard when I read it!)  Go.  Now.  Ask!

UPDATE:  It’s over! I survived!  I must admit that I felt more nervous than I expected and am not sure why but I’m told my voice didn’t sound as shakey as it felt.  (Don’t you hate that?  I don’t remember having that problem since high school!)  Maybe it was having to talk and watch a stopwatch to stay under my 4 minutes… regardless I did it, it’s done and I’m proud!  Thank you again for all your support and kind emails — you guys rock! The results will be in at the end of the month and although I don’t expect to get the most votes, I’ll let you know if I hear anything. 🙂