We had yet another home-run from Paul Brent. As I told him on the line last night, it is now his DUTY to do the Ask Call right after SURTEX because he does such a wonderful job with sharing his impressions of trends coming, trends going, new things, new artists and more.

We had 150 people listen live and now the replay is available for purchase. In addition to the hour-long mp3 audio file, you will also get Paul’s notes about the show – I can assure you I wasn’t able to be taking notes as fast as he was sharing info!

Ask Paul Brent about art licensingWhat we covered on the call…

  • SURTEX 2013 trend report – written notes from Paul are included with the purchase of the mp3 replay
  • Do you have to go to Surtex to get Licensing deals or can you contact individual companies directly?
  • The news reports that retail is picking up. Do you feel that was reflected in Surtex 2013?
  • How many new, unveiled collections, above and beyond your existing portfolio, do you show at SURTEX each year?
  • What is one barrier you have had to overcome in the licensing industry?
  • How does an artist judge that their portfolio is ready to take to Surtex, or to an agent?
  • How do you know you are ready to go to Surtex?
  • Is there any one type of style that MOST manufacturers are looking for?

The audio is on sale for $20 thru Thursday, June 13, 2013 and will then go to the regular replay price of $30 so order your copy now for the best deal.



Ask Lilla Rogers about art licensingOur next call is SOON – Wednesday, June 19th to be exact!

Agent Lilla Rogers will be making her “Ask Call Debut” -after visting wtih her at SURTEX I’m extra excited!  Please submit quesitons asap – we don’t have a lot of turn-around time for this one!



NEW Contract Templates from Maria Brophy and distributed by ArtLicensingInfo.com

art licensing contract templates by Maria BrophyOne other thing I mentioned on the call is a new resource for artists – The Artist’s Short License Agreement Template Package by Maria Brophy.  It’s a great compliment to the eBook, How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts and will save you time and money putting your own contracts, deal memos and amendments together.  See all the options for becoming a master at contracts at www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/contracts.html