I was recently invited to participate in a video to help promote cancer awareness. Artist Matt LeBlanc created the Matt LeBlanc Art for Life Campaign last year to raise awareness and much-needed funds for the Tree of Hope Campaign, an annual event by the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont Hospital Foundation in Moncton (Canada). The campaign was a huge success — he raised a grand total of $38,000 for the foundation. You can read about last year’s campaign and see some amazing art at www.MattLeBlancArt.com/en/art-for-life/

As a way to kick off his awareness effort this year, he went to my fellow artists for some help. (I was obviously one of them.) Matt spent the last two months putting together an online video with 24 other artists from North America and as far away as Australia. The idea is simple — each artist answers one question: Why do you paint? The video is a collection of answers from these artists. The video ends with a powerful message:

Painting is life.

We love to paint and we love life.

We are all artists and we are all for finding a cure for cancer.

[youtube ef-HlRDmScg]

If you’d like to help support this very worthy cause, you can donate any amount (every $1 counts!) through PayPal – find the donation button in the right-hand navigation at  www.MattLeBlancArt.com/en/art-for-life/

This is a great example of out-of-the-box thinking to help support and promote a cause.  How can you use this concept in your life?

Here’s to your creative and healthy success!

– Tara Reed