Recently I was interviewed by Carrie Brummer for her blog – Artist Think.  Well, she was actually quite patient since she reached out to be just before SURTEX and I asked for a few months to focus and recover. (Apparently I’m getting a little better at saying no and not over-extending myself – yeah!)

Anyway – my interview went up on her  blog last Friday.  Some of the information you may know and some may be new.  One thing I find interesting about doing interviews – both live and written – is that different things will flow out based on the questions, where my head is at the moment, and more.  So reading one interview on a topic by a person doesn’t mean you’ve heard it all.  There are always new tidbits and insights that come to light…

If you want to read the interview – you can find it here > Creative Spirit Tara Reed

I recommend you wander around the site as well.  Sometimes I get so busy working that I don’t spend as much time or attention as would do me good getting inspired on other blogs.  Carrie has a great mix of artist interviews and posts on topics like “Habits of Creative Risktakers” and “Ever Changing Comfort Zones”.

There are so many amazing resources on the internet these days!  But be sure to strive for balance in all things – don’t avoid the WORK by reading and getting inspired.

You need both inspiration and action to make your dreams a reality!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed