Do you feel like a talented actor with no publicist your website is sits alone when it should be networking and building relationships to help you sell your art.  You can do better!

I was so excited when Daniel Tardent – the expert from the Ask About SEO for Artists call – emailed me a few weeks to tell me that they created a version of this fabulous system for WordPress!   (SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is how websites are ranked when someone searches a term on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine site.)

I worked through the General Edition a while back and was able to make improvements to all of my websites SEO, WordPress websites and non-WordPress websites.  It’s an easy to follow, no-fluff guide that helps you get better ranking on search engines without stealing all of your creative time.

You don’t need (or want) to pay the people who email you and say they can get you top rankings for $500.  No one can understand your art, your business and your goals AND optimize your website for that.  Not to mention, they simply email everyone with a url – I get emails all the time telling my that this blog isn’t ranking well and they can make it better.  Umm… it’s regularly in the top 5 when you search “art licensing” so they obviously haven’t don’t their homework!

The best person to set up your SEO is you.

  • YOU know your art.
  • YOU know who you want to find your website.
  • And with the SEO System for Artists, YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO DO IT.

Bring the most powerful economic force on the Internet to your artist website with the complete do-it-yourself SEO system for artists, “21 Days To Bring Search Engine Traffic To Your Artist Website”.

Created exclusively for artists by our partner and Beautiful Artist Websites co-founder Daniel Tardent, the Artist SEO Success System solves the big problems that confront artists with SEO and delivers powerful results.


In recent years, WordPress has developed a huge following with artists around the world because of it’s ease of use and flexible design and extension options. It really is an incredibly powerful website platform which offers evolved SEO capabilities out of the box.

Learn how to turn your WordPress Artist Website into an Art Marketing Machine with the new “Artist SEO Success System For WordPress”. This new WordPress edition of the BAW SEO Guide includes very specific instructions on exactly what to install and exactly what to do to get your website ranking well in search results.

I had the chance to interview Daniel last week.  We reviewed some of the basics of SEO and then talked about what was different in the WordPress version.

In a nutshell, if you have a WordPress website, you will learn:

– How to decide what key words are being used by the people you want to attract to your website
– How to organize your website for optimal results
– What plugins to install and how to install them – to get great SEO results for your site
– Step-by-step instructions – including screen shots (love that!) – showing you how to enter your information
– and more…

Listen to the 30 minute audio online by clicking the play button below or download the mp3 and listen on your iPod or computer at your leisure.

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If you choose to download the audio, please remember these IMPORTANT NOTES:

  • If you use Internet Explorer and have trouble with the download, try using a different browser – Firefox and Chrome usually have no issues.
  • Also make sure pop-up blockers are off if you have trouble – the link you get will prompt a file download.  Thanks!  My goal is to have fewer customer service emails so I can keep working. 🙂

Buy or learn more about the WordPress Edition*

Buy or learn more about the General Edition*

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Here’s to your creative – and high ranking – success!

– Tara Reed

P.S. If you haven’t already, you can get a free hour-long Ask Call replay where Daniel answered lots of questions about SEO submitted by artists like you.  Head to now!