Art Licensing Trade Show Success Secrets

Are you getting ready to exhibit at an art licensing trade show?

Would you like practical information you can implement at your first, fourth or fifteenth show?

Do you want tested strategies for making the most of your investment?

How do you know what to do, let alone figure out how to stand out from the crowd, when you decide to be an exhibitor at an art licensing trade show?  Art Licensing Trade Show Success Secrets has been designed and compiled using the practical expertise of years of experience participating at trade shows.  This eBook will help shorten your learning curve, as well as increase your chances for success!

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This eBook is for . . . Artists, Designers, Illustrators and Photographers who . . .

  • Want to better understand what it means to be an exhibitor.
  • Have decided to exhibit at a trade show, but don’t know what to do.
  • Want tested strategies (before, during and after the show) for making the most of their investment.

What this book will do for you . . .

  • Give you practical points to consider when selecting a show and planning for your trade show booth.
  • Provide step-by-step sales techniques for interacting with potential clients during the show.
  • Offers a trade show count-down calendar to ensure you stay on track, and on budget, as you prepare for the show.

Trade shows are a great place to connect face-to-face with clients as well as to meet and build rapport with future clients.  By exhibiting at a show, you are saying that you believe in your art so much that you will invest the time and money to be there.

But just showing up isn’t enough!  This guide will help you understand what is entailed to create a successful experience from exhibiting at a show.  The first time you exhibit at any show is a learning experience.  However, there are ways to set yourself up for success so your learning curve is shortened.  If you’ve already decided to invest in the show, invest in the resources that you think will help you make it work for your business.

This book is not a generic trade show book – this is specific to ARTISTS exhibiting at shows geared towards Art Licensing.  For these shows, you need information pertinent to you – not the masses.

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For only $97 you can start on your journey towards marketing your art at trade shows.  This digital book can be yours immediately – simply download and enjoy on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more . . . anything that can read a pdf.

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This eBook is full of tips, guidelines, suggestions, assignments and tools to help you plan your booth, your marketing and your mindset.  It will get you ready to interact during the show and help you develop a follow-up system so you can work your leads while they are hot!

Table of Contents

Part 1. Art Licensing Shows

  • Benefits of exhibiting
  • SURTEX in New York City, NY
  • The International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, NV
  • Setting Your Expectations for the Show
  • Cost of Exhibiting
  • Creating Your Trade Show Budget

Part 2. Understanding Your Audience

  • Goals of the Attendees
  • Mind Your Mindset

Part 3. Your Art

  • Finding Your Focus
  • Building Your Portfolio
  • Creating Collections
  • How To Present Your Portfolio at the Show
  • Booth Design

Part 4. Marketing

  • Your Brand Plan
  • Online Presence
  • Show Marketing Opportunities
  • Physical Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Giveaways/Swag
  • Setting Appointments Before the Show

Part 5. Show Success Systems

  • Mental Preparedness
  • Booth Survival Kit
  • Choosing Help for the Booth
  • Lead Collection System
  • Follow-Up System
  • Set-Up Day Plan

Part 6. Show Time!

  • Elevator Speech
  • Dress For Success
  • Body Language
  • Qualifying Leads and Building Relationships
  • Final Thoughts

Part 7. Resources

  • “Elevator Speech Brainstorm Worksheet”
  • “Budget Calculator”
  • “Timing Checklist”
  • Recommended Reading

This eBook has valuable information that will save you time and money!

It will help focus your efforts and build your confidence.

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For only $97 you can start on your journey towards marketing your art at trade shows.  This digital book can be yours immediately – simply download and enjoy on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more . . . anything that can read a pdf.

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Art Licensing Trade Show Success Secrets covers all of the aspects of an art licensing trade show in detail.  The book covers everything from artwork, to presenting at the show, to following up afterwards.  With all of the information covered, I feel I better understand all of the steps needed to have a successful show.

Marshe Rollinger


This is a guide that covers every angle on how to successfully navigate the trade show . . .  Even as a seasoned vet of the trade show circuit (I did everything from retail to wholesale and licensing shows), I still found within the pages nuggets of useful information.  For the novice or anyone considering a venture into this area, it is definitely a compendium of knowledge one just cannot do without . . .

Debra Grogan


What a RELIEF!  HALLELUJAH!!  After reading Art Licensing Trade Show Success Secrets I feel I will be fully prepared for my first booth at the Expo!!  Parish the thought of being without this FABULOUS book right now.  This book is worth every penny for the peace of mid alone.  I actually feel calm knowing I will be fully prepared.  Bless you and THANK YOU for offering us newbies such valuable information!

Joan Marie


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