Sharyn Sowell has a way with scissors!

Her work just leaves me awestruck – I don’t think I could cut so intricately and beautifully if my business depended on it. (Thankfully it doesn’t!)  I met Sharyn last year at SURTEX – our booths are close – she’s across the aisle and 2 down so I get to look to the right and admire her handy-work.

If you’ve never exhibited at a trade show you might not understand the dynamic of trade show neighbors.  They can become like family for the days you are on the floor.  People to talk to when it’s slow, be excited for you (and you for them) if you get a great lead, and of course to cover for you (again, and you for them) if you need to step away to the restroom or to grab some food.  I’ve had the good fortune to have some great trade show neighbors and consider Sharyn to be one!

Her story, like everyone’s, is not what you will expect, is heart-felt and will leave you inspired.  So take a few minutes and get to know the talented Sharyn Sowell.

[youtube fknP9vAvLfg]

Learn more about Sharyn on her blog at

Thanks again Sharyn!

– Tara Reed

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