While I was uploading Karyn’s video to YouTube, I was searching the far reaches of my brain to figure out how I met her… Karyn lives about 5 minutes from me but we definitely connected through my blog. If memory serves, I think she emailed me… maybe she has a better recollection! Regardless of how we first connected – I am so happy to have Karyn’s smiling face nearby! Always fun and optimistic, Karyn is an amazing artist armed with a positive attitude.

Little known fact about Karyn – she LOVES costumes and she is a runner. Karyn has combined these two passions and won prizes in the Portland Rose Festival’s Starlight Run two years in a row. I couldn’t find any photos to show you but let me tell you – Karyn was the spitting image of Marge Simpson this year and I have no idea how she saw where she was going! (She let me try on the glasses – it was like instant blurry vision.)

Karyn recently got her first licensing deal for fabric with this fun wine repeat… I think that may be why she told me I was permitted to bring my camera over and shoot her video.  Whatever the reason, now everyone gets to know a little bit more about Karyn Servin. (Not wearing her Marge Simpson costume however…)

[youtube thbkfYCHfb8]

To learn more about Karyn Servin, visit her website at www.KarynServin.com

Thanks again Karen for the tea, conversation and of course, video!

– Tara Reed

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