Art Licensing Manager Software

Are you new to art licensing, and want to start your business with a system to keep track of your art, your licenses, your contracts and more?

Have you been licensing your art for some time and find yourself with bits of information all over the place, and nowhere to get a good, overall view of what is coming up and what is going on?

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If you are new to the business, managing all of the data involved in art licensing may not seem like such a big deal.  You create art, you show it to manufacturers, they license it and you get paid.  What’s so hard about that?  This is not very complicated if you are starting out and have the mental capacity to remember everything.

But what happens when your business grows?  More art!  More manufacturers!  More contracts!  Contracts coming up for renewal.  New licensees interested in art that has already been licensed – is it available for that category?  What artwork has a particular licensee already licensed?  Where did I jot my notes?  Which contracts should I look at again?

And don’t forget your art collections.  What are the names?  Are they coded?  What are the codes?  Where is it backed up?  Have copyrights been submitted?  Have you received your registration numbers?

You are ready to pull your hair out!  The data you need to manage and coordinate grows like a snowball rolling down a hill!  You need to control it as early as possible!

How do you organize and keep track of all of the licensed products, contracts, copyrights, files and more?  It may be time to consider purchasing a software system designed specifically to handle your needs – the Art Licensing Manager Software program from Camp Software.

Initiated by artist Tara Reed, the software program has been developed over the course of many years and several iterations by Hal Gumbert at Camp Software to provide you with a program that is flexible, detailed and easily customizable to how you work.

What the Software tracks . . .

  • Art collections, individual art images, art codes, etc. – as you create them or license them – the choice is yours!
  • Copyright information – year created, date submitted to Library of Congress, registration numbers.
  • Back-up information – free form to detail where you back-up your art and notes.
  • Manufacturers – current and potential licensees.
  • Contract details – who, what, term, territory, royalty rates, notification dates, art and product details.
  • Licensed products – by collection or art being reviewed by manufacturers.
  • Royalties – by licensee, by collection and more.
  • Attachments – logos, images, files and sound bites.

Thousands of dollars have been spent developing this product, but don’t worry – you won’t have to spend that much.

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For only $299, with a year of free upgrades, you will be armed with the tool to help you manage your art licensing business. This program is purchase directly from and supported by

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  • No more cumbersome Excel spreadsheets!
  • No more relying on your memory when letting someone know if art is available for a product category!
  • No more jotted notes stuck in notebook or lying on your desktop!

Click over the site today, and download a demo copy for free to see if you like it before you invest.  You have noting to lose and everything to gain!

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