There have been many requests over the years for live events and I’ve honestly resisted doing them because of the time and effort it takes to coordinate. I have chosen instead to use the internet, live Ask Calls, eBooks and individual coaching as my way of sharing what I know with artists wanting to decide if art licensing is right for them or who want help growing their business. I have taught classes at SURTEX and participated in a panel at the Licensing Expo but have never created my own event… until now.

I fully understand the value of learning at a live event. How the energy of a group and being able to share and bounce ideas off each other without computer screens or phone lines in the way can really make a difference.

I finally decided to give a live event a try and sat down and asked myself what format would benefit artists and also be a fun and rewarding format for me. I decided that a small group format, around my dining room table sounded like the answer. I won’t be lecturing for the day and you won’t simply be taking notes. We can interact, ask questions, get to know each other… I’m excited just writing about it – so will you be one of the 8 to try out this format with me?

The first ever LIVE EVENT hosted by artist Tara Reed will take place in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, December 8, 2012 from 9 am to 5 pm

If you are in (or willing to come to) the Portland, Oregon area, go to to get all the details and sign up.  If it goes well, I’ll consider doing this in other areas but first things first…

Here’s to your creative success –

– Tara Reed