I’m excited to have an attorney back on the line to answer legal questions about art licensing, contracts, protecting your art, copyrights and more.  I hope you join Kyle-Beth Hilfer and I for this hour long call full of great insights!

Ask Attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer about legal issues of art licensing

If you can’t make it live, the audio replay will be available for sale for $20 for a limited time after the call and then go to the normal replay price of $30.  We appreciate your support in buying the replays that are for sale – it helps give experts who return more than once some “Starbucks money” for their time and also helps offset some of the costs of putting these calls on.  🙂

If you have signed up for a call before, you will get an email today with the call in details. If this is your first one, you can fill out the form below to access the call in details.  They are always free to listen live and the first call with any expert is always free. (See all the free call audios you can get here > http://askaboutartlicensing.com/get-free-call-replays/)

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Hope to talk “at” you tomorrow night!

– Tara Reed