“Hello?”  “Is this thing on?”

Here’s the deal everyone, the Art Licensing Info ASK Calls don’t work without your questions. We need them asap.

Don’t email them to me at random, submit them for these calls.  I’m tired of begging… I’m tired of getting a bunch of great calls the day of or the day before the call when it is too late.  We need them NOW.  I have 4 questions – that’s not many since we average 100 artists listening to each live call. There must be more questions out there…

I’m heading to the gift show in Atlanta and Jeff wants to start preparing for the call.  My time is full preparing for the show – very little time to guilt you into submitting questions. 🙂

PLEASE… do these three simple things:

1.  Think of a question you have about the art, the marketing, the industry – whatever.

2.  Go to www.AskAboutArtLicensing.com, and click the link.

3.  Submit your question.

4.  Mark your calendar and join us on Wednesday the 18th.  It’s always FREE if you listen live – if you can’t make it the replay will be available for sale – watch the blog and your inbox for details.

Thanks!  Talk to you soon!

– Tara Reed