When I came downstairs to have my son take the latest goofy photo of me for the blog, I have to tell you I scared him a bit.  I had my costume on, showed him the cartoon and said, “I have to look like this.”  He replied, “I’m terrified by how much you do!  It’s kind of creepy!”

Let’s just say I was pleased as punch!

So just WHY had I created a costume and flipped my hair out (burning my finger on the rarely used curling iron!) and dressed up like a cartoon?

Simple… Paul Brent told me to.

(Or, as I say in the video, he ‘double-dog-dared me’)

[youtube Q8ooP3SVZYg nolink]

I’ve been doing my homework he gave during the Branding teleseminar and know that others are as well.  As I prepare for SURTEX I figure it is a great time to step back and look at the big picture: my art, how I present it, what I will be saying and showing at the show… the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

If you, too, want to do a brand analysis, the “Brand Yourself for Success in Art Licensing” teleseminar replay is ready for anyone wanting to to spend the time and money to get big results!

Go to www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/branding.htmlI double dog dare you!

Here’s to your creative, and well-branded success!

– Tara Reed a.k.a. “Art Licensing Girl”