Short answer:  No.

Art Licensing Info AnswersI’ve come across this question several times over the past few months so I thought I’d throw my opinion out there.

It is hard to do much in art licensing if you don’t want to continue to create in a certain style, theme or category.  Retailers (both brick and mortar and online) want to know that if your designs do well for them, you will create more.  With the speed at which everyone wants new products, the life and therefore profitability of a license – were you to get one – with “old art” would likely be limited.

For the same reason, I highly doubt an artist would be able to get an agent to help licensing a portfolio of art the artist doesn’t want to adjust or add to.  There are so many artists hungry to get into this business and the agents need to work with those that will become art creating machines.

While I applaud artists for trying to figure out how to monetize what they have already created, art licensing isn’t going to be the answer unless they want to continue to create for licensing.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed