In case you aren’t already aware, there is an “AGENTS” tab on this blog with a growing list of art licensing agents and their contact information.  13 of them contributed to the eBook, How to Find an Art Licensing Agent, and others have requested to be included on the list over time.  I invite any agent / agency to submit information about them and what they are looking for to the blog in order to help you (the artists) learn a little bit more about who is out there.

If you are interested in contacting the agency, please do not leave a comment on the blog – you need to contact them directly.

Below is information from MGL Licensing – a UK based art licensing agency.

MGL has become one of the world’s leading art licensing companies, with the work of over 70 artists represented within a growing archive of over 15,000 images, photographs and graphic properties.

We are known for our high quality art as well as our ability to create design concepts.  We represent some of the most sought after contemporary graphic artists and offer a very diverse collection of work spanning anything from wildlife, landscapes, fantasy, fashion, florals and photography.

We have established relationships with a large number of international manufacturers and retailers, with many licensees dealing with us on a continuous basis, either licensing existing art and photography or commissioning new images to suit their products. The types of merchandise that our clients produce range from Cards, Calendars and Stationery, to Jigsaws, Apparel and Homewares.

In addition to our archive of art images we offer a range of branded children and teenage graphic character concepts. These properties provide an original and fun alternative to the usual entertainment brands. Our character ranges have appeared on licensed campaigns and products worldwide and are represented in other territories by a network of licensing agents.
MGL provides full style guides, logos, branding with all our properties as well as customised additional artwork.

We are always happy to meet with new creatives.

Contact information:

MGL Licensing
5 Risborough Street
London, SE1 0HF, UK
Phone: +44 (0)20 7593 0507
Contact: Adam Meiklejohn (CEO)

Remember, finding and choosing an agent is like choosing a spouse or life partner – they will be the other half of your business so don’t jump at the first offer but make sure it feels like a fit for you and your business.

Here’s to your creative success –

Tara Reed